Professional Services
My goal is to provide professional services that are tailored to the needs of the client. The formats that I traditionally offer are listed below. Please call (479) 575-0529 or email to make an appointment.
Individual Psychotherapy
One-on-one therapy with adults, adolescents, or children.  The direction of therapy is guided by the client for a wide variety of  purposes, from self exploration to relief of a specific symptom.  Active clients usually participate in therapy once a week for a 50-minute session. 

Family Therapy
Therapy with any or all family members with goals designed for the family itself rather than for an individual.  A solution oriented, playful approach is typically used.  Often recommended in conjunction with individual therapy.

Therapy for Couples
Therapy focused on relationship enhancement.  Common goals are building intimacy and trust, improving communication, reworking routines/discipline, resolving power struggles or disputes.

Sibling Therapy
Therapy with two or more siblings, focused on relationship building, creative problem solving, skill building and/or recovery from traumatic events.  Play therapy techniques are often used.

Parent Coaching
Usually done in conjuntion with other therapy, parent coaching involves making a custom designed behavior management plan, setting priorities, and using available resources to enhance the enjoyment of parenting.

Seminars and Presentations

Education to groups of any size on a specific subject such as stress management.  Can be requested by a business, school, church, club, etc..

"Micro Group" Therapy
Time limited therapy groups of 3 to 5 members  focused on a specific topic.  Prospective members are interviewed and placed in groups by the therapist in order to achieve an optimal balance of personalities and goals

Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals
Trainings designed to improve techniques, integrate practice knowledge with research, and help mental health professionals learn from one another.

Writing and Research
Collaborative work with other professionals on clinical topics for the purpose of improving the practice of psychotherapy.
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