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Frequently asked questions

How much will therapy cost me if I am not using insurance?
The full "self pay" fee for the initial session (60 minutes in duration) is $150, and $100 for all subsequent  sessions (60 minutes). I offer a discounted fee of $100 for the initial session and $75 for subsequent sessions for those with lower incomes and no mental health care coverage. The charge is the same for individual, family, or couple sessions.

What happens if I use insurance?
I file insurance claims as a courtesy to my clients. Clients are responsible for keeping their accounts current with my office and understanding what their health insurance covers.

Insurance companies dictate the price that I can charge and the copay that you are expected to submit at each session. A few insurance companies still require that you obtain preauthorization for services. Many plans have a deductible that must be met before the insurance company begins paying its benefits. Be sure to check with your insurance company about outpatient mental health benefits.

Clients are responsible for paying any fees not covered by insurance.

These are some of the insurance plans that I accept:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare

I DO NOT accept:
Arkansas Medicaid (the private Medicaid plans are OK)
Any Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers free sessions

What is the free phone consultation?
This service is offered to encourage you to ask questions and discuss treatment options. To ensure that I am able to dedicate adequate time to your call, please request an appointment time for your phone consultation. 

How do I get started?
Call my office at (479) 575-0529, text me at 479-466-9121, or email me at

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