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​​​​Mary K Williams LCSW

My goal is to provide personalized professional services.  

Please call/text (479) 466-9121 or email to make an appointment.

Individual Psychotherapy
I offer one-on-one therapy sessions with adults. The direction of therapy is guided by the client for a wide variety of purposes, from self exploration to relief from a specific symptom. Active clients typically participate in therapy once a week for a 60-minute office session. Generally speaking, treatment is limited to the therapy hour and professional services or communications beyond issues of scheduling or billing are not provided between sessions.

Teletherapy / Telehealth / Remote Therapy

I am trained and certified to provide videoconference and phone sessions as long as they're permitted by the state where services take place and covered by insurance companies. Clients who are located in the State of Arkansas or the State of Vermont are eligible for teletherapy.

Reports and Letters

Existing psychotherapy clients can be provided with letters and reports for purposes such as documenting diagnosis, verifying compliance with treatment, making clinical recommendations, referral for other services such as psychological testing, or confirming fitness for medical interventions. I do not supply reports for clients of other mental health clinicians, nor do I take new clients solely for the purpose of interviewing, diagnosing and providing a report.